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ITEC Diploma in Indian Massage

How is the course taught?

The course is taught one weekend a month spread out over three months. The complete course including exams takes around four months

How Is The Course Taught?

Visual learning aids, lectures and tutorials are used to teach the theory side of the course. For the practical work students learn by giving treatments to each other.

Course Requirements

Students need to bring with them pens, paper, coloured pencils and an A4 book binder with plastic folders to put notes in. Neat and tidy notes are mandatory and are counted towards the final mark. A course uniform is also required. This consists of a white tunic top and white trousers, with flat white therapy shoes.


At end of course students sit a 30 minute practical exam plus a 30 minute multi choice test paper. They also need to submit documented evidence of having treated 3 people a total of 3 times each


On satisfactory completion of the course students are presented with an ITEC Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Governing bodies

You can apply to join The Complementary Therapist Association CThA


Cost of course is 595 plus exam fee



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